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8,000 crystal clear optically focused lumens will get you from A to Zimbabwe.  With eight top-tier American made CREE LED's, a pair of R8's generates more than 8,000 lumens. 

Like their big brother the R15, the extra distance and spread of the crystal clear 5000K daylight produced enables you to better see and be seen.  Roadside animals, pedestrians, and other road hazards are more quickly perceived and reacted to.  Dont just survive a ride at dusk, enjoy the scenery along the way. 

The key difference between the R8 and R15 are output and size.  Both utilize machined optics to provide both a flood and spot beam pattern.  If riding a larger adventure bike (GSA, SAR, Multistrada), the ideal setup is to install a set of R8 and R15 lights.  With the R8's used as a DRL (daytime running light), and the R15 wired into your stock high beam switch, you will enjoy being seen by other motorists during the day and have all the firepower in the world for night missions across the desert.  

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