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The RUBY way

Our story...

The core of riding is simple, it's freedom.  We all remember that first time, wind in your face, forward motion, an accentuated sense of aliveness, of being.  With that feeling as our foundation, RUBY is focused on experience, value, and superior quality.  

After years of struggling with poorly designed and manufactured lighting, we'd had enough.  While there are many options for crappy and mediocre lighting, there was really only one option for premium auxiliary lighting.  This was classic case of market complacency, and it had gone on long enough...enter RUBY.  

Bringing decades of combined engineering, design, manufacturing, lab testing, supply-chain, business, and riding experience together, the team at RUBY has been focused on one goal - make a world-class light at the best value possible. Keep the features and quality, trim the corporate fat, and pass the savings on to you.

To that end, we've traveled across 4 continents, dozens of countries, punished our bikes and lights for more than 60,000 miles, and spent nearly 100 nights in the dirt.  The pursuit of your own legend shouldn't be limited by where you were born, and production of world-class products isn't either.  

Working with PhD researchers at universities, specialist engineers, tech designers, and literal rocket scientists, we've found some of the best talent in design and manufacture on planet earth.  It has taken Americans, Europeans, Asians, and Australians to finally bring the power to the people.  We should all have access to top-tier tech, without overpriced complacence.  

We've taken a clever approach through cross-industry engineering, to improve outdated materials and processes used by others.

We have the right team. We have the right materials. We make the right lights.


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