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R4 KTM Mask

RUBY Moto and MotoMinded had a baby...and it's beautiful.  In under 10 minutes you can have more than X times the light output over KTM's stock headlight, enter the RUBY Moto R4 Mask.  

Powered by five top-binned CREE LED's, an R4 will throw a whopping 4,300 lumens of usable light hundreds of yards down your path.  The extra distance and spread of the crystal clear 5000K daylight produced enables you to better see and be seen.  Trailside animals, drops, cactus, and other hazards are more quickly perceived and reacted to. 

Don't just survive a ride at dusk, enjoy the scenery along the way with more than X times* as much usable light compared to stock lighting.

Utilizing machined and specially tuned optics, the R4 provides both a flood and spot beam pattern.  Gone are the days of an overpowering center spot and dark midfield lighting.  Our full spectrum lighting pattern provides an even gradient of light from center to periphery.  Enjoy being seen by other motorists during the day and have all the firepower in the world for night missions across the desert.  

Kit includes the following: a RUBY Moto R4, MotoMinded bracket to fit directly into 2017-2023 KTM EXC-F and XC-W models, and a RUBY Moto Hyper-Vis Lens Cover. 

If your bike has a high/low switch on your handlebars, and you would like to continue to use the high/low functionality, please also purchase the inline dimmer dongle.  As not all of the bikes have a high/low switch, we do not include it in the kit to help keep costs down.  Installation is simple, it is plug and play between the headlight and the bike's wire harness.

Plug and play functionality into the KTM wire harness, complete install can be done in 10 minutes.

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