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Right to Ride in Moab

Moab motorcycle trail route

Here is the link to voice your thoughts directly to the Bureau of Land Management

Have you been to Moab?

Are you in Moab?

Do you want to go to Moab?

Tokyo...Paris...New York....Moab.  Few places on the planet offer the level of outdoor opportunities you can find in Moab, UT.  Known the world over, the area is loved by tourist and locals alike.  Whether you're hiking, biking, camping, motorcycling, off-roading, or just want solitude, Moab provides for all.

Due to its remarkable topography and geology, special care has been taken over the years to find a reasonable balance between recreation and conservation.  Overland travel is limited to designated routes that have been well marked and respected for years.  However, there are well-funded groups that have been working behind the scenes for years to further limit access to all people and interests on this PUBLIC land.  In the name of "extreme conservation," their goal is to strictly control and/or eliminate access to some of the most beloved hiking, biking, camping, off-roading and picnicking areas around Moab.  

The Bureau of Land Management (the original BLM, not to be confused with black lives matter) has an obligation to give audience to all groups and hear their ideas.  These special interest groups have spoken, now it is our turn to share our thoughts during the public commentary period that closes April 26th, 2021.  If you love Moab, loved Moab, or want to love Moab, this is your chance to say something.  Below is a link to the survey at the BLM's website.

Please be polite and unemotional in your comments.  The BLM isnt the problem, they are simply the managers of public lands.  Profanity and expletives will not help our cause.  Simply share your desire to keep access open to all.  Something as simple as "I do not support further limiting access in this area" is far better than silence.  Some other talking points include:

  • Our positive financial impact on the local economy
  • Our volunteer work to build new trail systems
  • Our volunteer work to maintain and improve jeep roads, ATV and MC trails
  • Our financial contribution to the area trails via purchasing off-road stickers - millions of dollars annually - hikers and bicycle riders contribute nothing
  • Our right as taxpayers to use public land
  • How you, your family and friends use and enjoy the area
Indecision is still a decision.  Do something that matters, today.  If we do not act, trail systems like Gemini Bridges, Rusty Nail, Enduro Loop, Dead Cow, White Wash Sand Dunes, The Tubes, Dubinky, 3D, and the entire Bartlett Wash area could be closed.  
Link to the actual survey here (this is where you'll share your thoughts)
Link to the BLM project,  Labyrinth Rims Gemini Bridges TMP
Link to the map of the affected area
In times such as these, it is best to remember MCA, Mike-D, and Ad-Rock, "you've got to fight...for your party."
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