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R23 kit for BMW GSA

Some people want it all, and we're ready to give it to them.  For those of you ready to travel at the speed of light, the R23 kit is calling your name.  With more than 23,000 lumens of optically-pure light on your side, the world is yours.  PURSUE you LEGEND with the best quality and valued lighting solution for larger displacement adv bikes, hands down.

Using a combination of the R15 and R8 setup, options abound for safety in what you can see, and what can see you.  Our most popular setup is to use the R8 as a replacement for the stock auxiliary lights on the BMW GSA, and a set of R15 mounted with our mount bar.  The R8 is run as a DRL (daytime running light, or driving light) and when used with a Hyper-Vis lens cover, provides the ultimate in daytime conspicuity.  Even the best riders pucker when Sheila pulls out in front of them.  Be seen, be smart.  The R15 set is then used to augment your light output at night.  You'll laugh maniacally when you turn them on in the dark, they are comically bright. Roadside animals, pedestrians, and other road hazards are more quickly perceived and reacted to. 

Don't just survive a ride at dusk, enjoy the scenery along the way with more than 15 times* as much usable light compared to stock lighting.

Included is a set of R15, R8, GSA specific mounts, hardware, R8 lens covers, wire harness, and dimmer.

Installation takes most people 90 minutes to 2.5 hours, so crack your favorite cold one and enjoy the process.

Minimal tools and experience are needed. The only tools you'll need is a set of torx bits, wire cutters, pliers, lighter, and 10mm socket.  Everything else needed is included, loc-tite, hardware, mounts, zip ties, heat shrink etc.  Most shops will charge 1.5 hours of labor for the entire install if that is your preference.

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