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R7 Kit for BMW GSA

Everything you need to install a set of R7's on the front of your GSA.  Using our proprietary light mounting bar, you'll have the cleanest looking install along with the best mounting position for protection and projection.  The kit includes a set of R7's, wiring harness, dimmer, mounting bar, stickers and hardware.

Installation takes most people 1-2 hours.  If you know your bike well, see if you can beat @carlbradlin's record of a 28 minute install.  Film it and we'll send you a shirt :)

Minimal tools and experience are needed. The only tools you'll need are a set of torx bits, pliers, and 10mm socket.  Everything else needed is included, loc-tite, hardware, mounts, zip ties, etc.  Most shops will charge an hour of labor for the install if that is your preference.

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